Saturday, July 30

dell announces 10-inch tablet only in china

new : dell is has announced a 10-inch tablet in china and dell is going to use both android and windows phone on the future devices

Google is gonna speed up hosted websites

Google as we said before wanted a war on the slow web pages .... now they are going to add the sites to their databases and then speed up them so browsers can load them faster . don't worry .. this time it's not free .google is going to charge for sites for speeding them up ...
while people more and more using chrome google is going to control both the content and the users . and i think that google is gonna speed up browsing for google chrome so they can get more users ... isn't that right??

Facebook offers bounty for what?

we all uses Facebook and we love it to chat with friends . so did you hear that Facebook is going to give a bounty for people .. but why? we will discover here  

Friday, July 29

apple passed nokia in smartphone selling

well . we know that nokia is the king of the market and they had a great year in 2007 when they took over the smartphone market with a huge income .. now game over nokia .. it's apple's time now apple pass nokia in smartphone ... but what will the finish be?

apple is richer than us.?? ohh

the last result shows that the usa has a $73.7bn operating cash in their business 
apple's latest result shows that they are using $76.4bn but how could that happen ! lol apple is as rich as the us. 

The United States is currently spending around $200bn (£122bn) more than it collects in revenue every month.
In the three months ending 25 June, net income was 125% higher than a year earlier at $7.31bn (£4.6bn).
well we all love you apple ,,,

good bye for now.

new Google encrypted ! more security

hi all .. today while i was surfing the web as usual .... i saw the new google
google encrypted ....... let's see the logo

Google : a war on slow web pages

well we all google loves to speed up .. but not like this ...... they want all the pages load faster. and become smarter and more reliable so let's see what's google up to?

Users Turn Off Google TV why?

Consumers dislike Google TV so much that they

 are now giving the product back.

iPhone 5 to lunch in September? oh God

ohh this is the minute we all have been waiting for .... iPhone 5 is gonna be launched in september but wait isn't this so fast? they just had launched iPhone 4 why is this happening?

Thursday, July 28

Nintendo announces bad Q1 earning. why? 3Ds price cut

The 3DS price will be cut from $249.99 to $169.99 on August 12

Nintendo has had an exciting year so far with the release of its portable Nintendo 3DS and the announcement of the Wii U console. But after releasing its fiscal first quarter results today, Nintendo saw very few financial highlights.

Nokia x7 features and specification

okay now .. we all know about Symbian Anna  but now there are 2 devices run Symbian Anna e6 and x7 now let's see what's new with the Nokia x7
Nokia said "entertainment made bigger" let's see more

samsung galaxy s2 features

hi all ... we know the new samsung galaxy s2 okay now samsung had put the best in their device .... okay let's see what's features . let's start

Toshiba satellite m645.

Toshiba Satellite M645-S4045 14
The Toshiba Satellite M645 offers great style and performance at a fair price.
  • Attractive design
  • Excellent performance
  • Great keyboard

GIGABYTE Unveils Radeon™ HD6570 / 6670 Overclock Edition Graphics Cards


GIGABYTE presents the GS-AH6G3N Business Notebook

The Latest Intel® Technology Inside a Turnkey Solution

GIGABYTE introduces the GB-AEBN All-In-One PC

Gigabyte wow it's  All-In-One PC


Wednesday, July 27

htc sensation specification

well well well ... we all know that htc's new OS is Android . now let's see the latest devices and specifications

GENERAL2G NetworkGSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G NetworkHSDPA 900 / 2100
Announced2011, April
StatusAvailable. Released 2011, May
SIZEDimensions126.1 x 65.4 x 11.3 mm
Weight148 g
DISPLAYTypeS-LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size540 x 960 pixels, 4.3 inches
- Multi-touch input method
- Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate
- Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
- Gyro sensor
- HTC Sense v3.0 UI

call mobile , send free SMSs just here with gmail

hi all , did you hear the latest news that gmail is now faster organizer than ever? okay so you're not updated
want to call the U.S for free . here is the sol. with gmail you can call with 5 easy steps.

  1. go to 

HP touch pad wow

hey all , we know about the iPad now it's HP's pad
Do you know what hp has put in their tab? ofcourse we love google (it's no android)
Hp put a webOS in their tab wow right?
so what should we do now??
let's see the spec.s about this device
*remember this is no GSM device and will not be used on any GSM network world wide (that hurt)

HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series

Hi all , HP new laptop with great performance and incredible sound .. all premium features can be found in this great pc .. okay let's see what is that?
it's HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series

Apple iPhone features . and specification

okay now we all heard about the iphone4 . iOS4 got really new and great features it will be listed here from different places .

GENERAL2G NetworkGSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G NetworkHSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
Announced2010, June
StatusAvailable. Released 2010, June
SIZEDimensions115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm
Weight137 g

Intel next processor generation What is Intel up to?

hi all . we all heard about the 2nd generation of intel processors . but what's the difference between the 1st and the 2nd generation ? okay we will discover that now .
okay new things here

1 -
Intel® Quick Sync Video

Built-In Visuals

Everything you need to enjoy a stunning and seamless visual experience, now built into your processor.◊3

Edit and Share Videos in a Flash

what are you waiting for nokia?

okay we all know about the brand new symbian software that nokia had put in it's new mobile phones
nokia x7 and nokia E6 mad
the E6 was made for business and the X7 made for entertainment both of these new devices got a pre-installed symbian anna . anna is the new update for the symbian^3 which failed because of losing support and

ASRock Teams With Fatal1ty For AMD MoBo

ASRock and Fatal1ty teamed up to offer a gaming motherboard based on AMD's new 990FX chipset.
Friday ASRock said that it teamed up with Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel to create the first AMD-based gaming motherboard, the Fatal1ty 990FX Professional, featuring support for the AM3+ socket, 8-core CPUs and AMD's 990FX chipset. The board also sports premium gold caps and enables AMD Quad CrossFireX, 3-Way CrossFireX and CrossFireX as well as Nvidia Quad SLI and SLI.

Radeon HD 6990M is ''World's Fastest'' Mobile GPU ?

what radeon ? where is NVIDIA then? "the world fastest mobile Gpu" is here so let's see why it's the fastest 1

Just a couple of weeks following Nvidia's claim to having the fastest notebook GPU on the planet with its GeForce GTX 580M, AMD has returned fire with its own new chart-topper.
AMD has launched the Radeon HD 6990M GPU, billed as "the world's fastest single mobile graphics processor." Under AMD's favored benchmarks, the Radeon HD 6990M GPU was measured to be "up to 25 percent faster than any other announced notebook enthusiast GPU" – the Nvidia GTX 580M.

apples planning to make a new processor ? A6 at TSMC

hi all .. okay we all love apple and mac. do you know what's the most important part inside is? it's the processor which apple is producing a new one as we see in the picture 

as we see in this picture apple's new processor is here 

Despite being tangled in a rather tense legal battle right now, Apple and Samsung are still partners in the chip manufacturing business. Apple orders a huge amount of A4 and A5 chips for iPhone, iPod and iPad products, and Samsung builds them.

Dell: "we have the thinnest 15 if you don't compare it with any thing else ;)

lately dell has introduced the thinnest and the latest laptop by dell . do you think your lap tip is thin? well i don't think so .. see this picture
"the computer you need inside the laptop you want ... well let's see what dell said about their great laptop .

New ASUS U46/U56 Notebooks are Thin, Light and Powerful

Redesigned U46/U56 notebooks are under an inch thick, brandishing highly attractive color schemes. Despite their ultra-slim build, they utilize the latest Intel® standard voltage CPUs up to 2nd generation Core™ i5. Powerful graphics join extended battery life, USB 3.0 and fast USB Charger+ device charging for complete computing that puts carefree usage and enjoyment first on both the 14” U46 and 15” U56.

ASUS launches GTX 560 DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card

ASUS today launched the GTX 560 DirectCU II TOP graphics card, based on the powerful NVIDIA® GTX 560 released earlier this year. The ASUS GTX 560 DirectCU II Top is pre-overclocked and combines exclusive features such as DirectCU II cooling and Super Alloy Power technology. With these advantages, the GTX 560 DirectCU II TOP is designed to be pushed to its maximum, allowing users to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience.

TOP overclocked to 925MHz – 115MHz more than reference

The ASUS GTX 560 DirectCU II TOP comes in factory-overclocked at 925MHz – 115MHz more than reference for enhanced performance while sporting a hefty 1GB of GDDR5 memory. For overclockers who want to push the card to its limits, ASUS offers its exclusive Voltage Tweak utility for up to 50% faster performance.

Stay cool under pressure

With its DirectCU II dual fan design, copper heat pipes make direct contact with the GPU core, so the GTX 560 DirectCU II TOP is 20% more efficient at transferring heat to the two large fans cooling it. The efficient dual fan design generates twice the air flow over paddle fan designs. This effectively dissipates the heat generated, keeping the card running both cool and quiet.

Super Alloy Power for efficient power delivery

The GTX 560 DirectCU II TOP uses Super Alloy Power technology, which is constructed using a specially formulated alloy that increases power efficiency. It delivers a 15% performance boost, while also reducing operating temperatures up to 35°C for an overall increase in lifespan by 2.5 times.

Apple quietly discontinues white MacBook

Bye-bye, MacBook.
Bye-bye, MacBook.
(Credit: CBS Interactive)
Along with releasing a flurry of new products this morning, Apple has also apparently discontinued its white MacBook.
Following today's announcements of a new MacBook Air and Mac Mini, the white MacBook was no longer available on Apple's online store. That notebook, which boasted a 13-inch screen and came in at $999, is, however, selling in Apple's online refurbished marketplace for $849.
So far, Apple hasn't commented on what happened to the white MacBook, and the company did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. However, it might have simply been a case of no longer needing it.
Earlier today, Apple released updated MacBook Air models equipped with Intel Core i5 and Core i7 dual-core processors, as well as Thunderbolt support. The 11-inch MacBook Air starts at $999, putting it at the same price as Apple's white MacBook.
Apple's apparent decision to discontinue the white MacBook is still a bit of surprise, though. Just last week, rumors cropped up claiming Apple would be updating the white MacBook.

Is a 15-inch MacBook Air on the way?

Apple's 13.3-inch MacBook Air, currently the largest of Apple's ultrathin notebooks.
Apple's 13.3-inch MacBook Air, currently the largest of Apple's ultrathin notebooks.
(Credit: Apple)

Tuesday, July 26

GIGABYTE Launches Super4™ Motherboard Series

Brings the Ultimate in Quality Components and Features to Intel® H61 Platforms

Taipei, Taiwan, June 9th 2011 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today launched its Super4™ motherboard series, the latest range of next-generation desktop motherboards based on the Intel® H61 Express Chipset with support for 2nd generation "Sandy Bridge" Intel® Core™ CPUs. GIGABYTE Super4™ motherboards are equipped with the very best components and a comprehensive range of unique features that raise the bar for mainstream desktop PCs.

"GIGABYTE was the first motherboard maker in the industry who pioneered the use of higher quality components such as all solid capacitors to provide a higher quality standard of motherboard to our customers," commented Henry Kao, VP of Worldwide Service and Marketing at GIGABYTE. "With the new GIGABYTE Super4™ series, GIGABYTE now hopes to challenge people's perceptions of what a mainstream motherboard should be by equipping them with the advanced features and extremely high quality components that you would ordinarily expect to see only on a more expensive motherboard."

GIGABYTE Super4™ Motherboards
Combining the highest quality components with a broad, rich feature set, GIGABYTE Super4™ motherboards guarantee flawless system stability and extended product longevity without compromising on performance, features and device connectivity.

Super Safe

• DualBIOS™ 3TB+ HDD Support (Hybrid EFI Technology)
One Fuse per USB Port
50,000 hr. Japanese Solid Capacitors
All GIGABYTE Super4™ motherboards boast specific features that guard against system malfunction and ensure extended system longevity, including GIGABYTE DualBIOS™ to ensure that you never experience system failure due to BIOS corruption. Additionally, each USB port has its own dedicated power fuse that prevents unwanted USB port failure, helping to protect USB connected devices from malfunction and safe guard your important data during transfer. All Super4™ motherboards also use Japanese made capacitors that guarantee system longevity with a minimum 50,000 hr lifespan.

Super Speed

• Overclocking IC
Ultra Durable™ 2
3 x USB Power Boost + On/Off Charge
GIGABYTE Super Speed ensures that you're always on the cusp of PC performance, data transfer and device charging speeds. An integrated overclocking chip coupled with GIGABYTE's unique Ultra Durable™ 2 power technology, makes sure that your Intel® Core™ processor is running at optimal performance levels. Additionally, GIGABYTE 3x USB power means better device compatibility and faster charging on USB connected devices like portable storage devices without needing to use two USB ports. The additional power provided by 3 x USB allows iPad, iPhone and iPod devices to charge up to 40% faster compared to standard USB implementations, while On/Off charge allows fast device charging even when your PC is on standby or turned off.

Super Savings

• Lower RDS(on) MOSFETs
• Ferrite Core Chokes
Lower CPU Zone Temperature
High Power-Efficiency
All GIGABYTE Super4™ motherboards are equipped with the very best quality components that ensure that you PC is running at maximum power efficiency. Lower RDS(on) MOSFETs reduce energy wastage through unnecessary residual heat dissipation, while ferrite chokes reduce overall core energy loss with better energy storage and regulation. This all amounts to tangible energy savings which are beneficial for both end-users and the environment without impacting system performance.

Super Sound

• High-End 108dB HD Audio (Up to 3.5x better Audio Quality)
As the HD multimedia revolution continues to gain momentum, so too must hardware standards in audio quality. All GIGABYTE Super4™ motherboards offer excellent 7.1 surround sound audio backed by a proprietary converter that is able to achieve 108dB signal to noise ratio (SNR) playback quality. This means that users will enjoy a better audio experience with lower levels of noise and hiss when enjoying the latest HD content.

GIGABYTE Super4™ Models

For more information about GIGABYTE Super4™ series motherboards, please go to: