Wednesday, July 27

what are you waiting for nokia?

okay we all know about the brand new symbian software that nokia had put in it's new mobile phones
nokia x7 and nokia E6 mad
the E6 was made for business and the X7 made for entertainment both of these new devices got a pre-installed symbian anna . anna is the new update for the symbian^3 which failed because of losing support and

people went to use android or ios . what ever nokia said that symbian will be supported till 2016 and will produce new devices using symbian even when they are in a partnership with microsoft .
so as we all know nokia has promised to bring symbian anna to the existing symbian devices but when will that happen? they said in the end of august but that was too much and people can't wait and use the dead old bad symbian^3 . some blogs said that nokia will update existing devices at the 28 of july well i don't think so . so we are waiting till then and see what will nokia do with it ;)
now let's see what's new with anna

The most obvious and visible feature of Symbian Anna is the new icons.
Text input has also been improved: there’s the long-awaited portrait QWERTY input, plus a split screen when entering text into web pages and apps, so you don’t lose sight of what you’re filling in.
The browser now offers faster performance and is easier to use.
The usability of the photo gallery has also been improved.

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