Saturday, July 30

dell announces 10-inch tablet only in china

new : dell is has announced a 10-inch tablet in china and dell is going to use both android and windows phone on the future devices

Google is gonna speed up hosted websites

Google as we said before wanted a war on the slow web pages .... now they are going to add the sites to their databases and then speed up them so browsers can load them faster . don't worry .. this time it's not free .google is going to charge for sites for speeding them up ...
while people more and more using chrome google is going to control both the content and the users . and i think that google is gonna speed up browsing for google chrome so they can get more users ... isn't that right??

Facebook offers bounty for what?

we all uses Facebook and we love it to chat with friends . so did you hear that Facebook is going to give a bounty for people .. but why? we will discover here  

Friday, July 29

apple passed nokia in smartphone selling

well . we know that nokia is the king of the market and they had a great year in 2007 when they took over the smartphone market with a huge income .. now game over nokia .. it's apple's time now apple pass nokia in smartphone ... but what will the finish be?

apple is richer than us.?? ohh

the last result shows that the usa has a $73.7bn operating cash in their business 
apple's latest result shows that they are using $76.4bn but how could that happen ! lol apple is as rich as the us. 

The United States is currently spending around $200bn (£122bn) more than it collects in revenue every month.
In the three months ending 25 June, net income was 125% higher than a year earlier at $7.31bn (£4.6bn).
well we all love you apple ,,,

good bye for now.

new Google encrypted ! more security

hi all .. today while i was surfing the web as usual .... i saw the new google
google encrypted ....... let's see the logo

Google : a war on slow web pages

well we all google loves to speed up .. but not like this ...... they want all the pages load faster. and become smarter and more reliable so let's see what's google up to?

Users Turn Off Google TV why?

Consumers dislike Google TV so much that they

 are now giving the product back.

iPhone 5 to lunch in September? oh God

ohh this is the minute we all have been waiting for .... iPhone 5 is gonna be launched in september but wait isn't this so fast? they just had launched iPhone 4 why is this happening?

Thursday, July 28

Nintendo announces bad Q1 earning. why? 3Ds price cut

The 3DS price will be cut from $249.99 to $169.99 on August 12

Nintendo has had an exciting year so far with the release of its portable Nintendo 3DS and the announcement of the Wii U console. But after releasing its fiscal first quarter results today, Nintendo saw very few financial highlights.