Wednesday, July 27

Radeon HD 6990M is ''World's Fastest'' Mobile GPU ?

what radeon ? where is NVIDIA then? "the world fastest mobile Gpu" is here so let's see why it's the fastest 1

Just a couple of weeks following Nvidia's claim to having the fastest notebook GPU on the planet with its GeForce GTX 580M, AMD has returned fire with its own new chart-topper.
AMD has launched the Radeon HD 6990M GPU, billed as "the world's fastest single mobile graphics processor." Under AMD's favored benchmarks, the Radeon HD 6990M GPU was measured to be "up to 25 percent faster than any other announced notebook enthusiast GPU" – the Nvidia GTX 580M.

The Radeon HD 6990M also represents a significant upgrade from AMD's other current gaming notebook graphics solution, the Radeon HD 6970M.
If you're looking for one of these bad boys to power your next mobile gaming session, check out machines from Alienware and Clevo.
See the charts below for a better idea of what AMD's latest and greatest offers.

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