Wednesday, July 27

call mobile , send free SMSs just here with gmail

hi all , did you hear the latest news that gmail is now faster organizer than ever? okay so you're not updated
want to call the U.S for free . here is the sol. with gmail you can call with 5 easy steps.

  1. go to 
  1. register a new account
  2. sign in
  3. install video and voice plugin
  4. click call phone on the right sided pane . Enjoy

okay now you all know gmail . go for it what are you waiting for?

do you think that's all?? well i don't think so!
want to send sms to all the world ? okay here are some easy steps

  1. go to gmail
  2. sign-in
  3. click phone number (just below the send sms)
  4. enter the number you want to send
  5. Enjoy your 50 messages to all over the world

ok now as I always say 
bye for now ....

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