Tuesday, July 26

Young Lions Winners! supported by nokia

young lions??? supported by nokia can any 1 tell me what is that? okay i'll tell you
they have created a video using nokia n8 camera which it's the largest sensor has seen on a mobile yet .. okay honestly i do have a nokia n8
so what will you do if u had a 48 hr to film??
The Cannes Young Lions 48hr film challenge finally came to an end this weekend and the judges decision has been made.
If you’re unclear of what the competition consist off, take a look at this:
“The Young Lions Film Challenge states that two creatives will have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a commercial up to 60 seconds in length. At the beginning of the week, the teams will receive a brief from a charity chosen by the Festival. Forty-eight hours later, the teams’ work is judged by the Film Lions jury.”
With Nokia supplying the kit and the young creatives providing the ideas, the game was set for an amazing challenge. With every single entry being shot on a Nokia N8 (and each of the entrants armed with the latest and best N8 tips), the tension was incredible when they came back together to hear the winners announced.
Taking first place was Omar Sotomayor + Gastón Soto, with this fantastic entry -

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